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Right now we’ll just call ourselves: “Horses Of A Different Color”…  A phrase meaning: “An unrelated or only incidentally related matter with distinctively different significance”…. Tomorrow we may decide to call ourselves something else…. Thus, our Site Name of “THE BAND OF MANY NAMES”…  This is a site where various Musicians and Artists can “Collaborate and Create”.

We’re simple musicians who’s fame and fortune happen to be a free natured independent focus on the music each of us love.  We’re all different in our own ways, yet we have that one “incidentally related” tie that binds….  The love of MUSIC….. Some of us may or may not be heavily into music theory, some of us may or may not be scientific in our musical approach or knowledge,….. yet we ALL believe that music originates from our hearts and souls…..  We ARE,… “Horses Of A Different Color” in “THE BAND OF MANY NAMES”!!

Since this site is all about music, that is exactly what you’re gonna get!  Each musician/artist may explain their interpretation and meaning behind their musical creation, but that’s it…  A “No Frills With Plenty Of Musical Fills” type of website… The music, riffs, and lyrics that we share on this website are the building blocks that we share with each other with the possibility of creating actual songs.

We also spend time creating audio and video files/covers so that we can practice and grow our musical and recording, mixing, editing, and creating abilities.

If you are a musician or vocalist who would like to become an active member of our community, feel free to Contact Us and you will be sent a registration form to complete and submit.

Feel free to make comments to any of our posts.  After your first comment is accepted and approved by one of us, you will be free to make comments at any time…

Enjoy your visit!

The Band Of Many Names!


Schism (Tool) Bass Practice

This is practice in its rawest form. Learning new songs takes hours of practice. This is a video of about 4 hours of practice working on a very difficult bass line. This is not the whole song. I wanted to share this because many people will see videos of only mastered songs when it comes […]

Daddy Comes Home

I decided to record this song twice using 2 different basses. This cover was recorded using the 1979 Fender P. Another Great Cyndi Boste track taken from the Home Truths album released in 1998. The tone using the different basses made for interesting mixing of the track, you be the judge on what suits the […]


By Black Sabbath This is the 1st take on a recording that is actually practice for me. I will update it periodically as I progress until it is as close to studio quality as I can get it. I will combine it with video at some point when it is a better take, this is […]

The Preacher and the Fortune Teller

This is another song written and performed by Ronnie Slack. He wrote the song after his dad (who was a preacher) passed. We plan to re-record the song and clean it up a bit since there is quite a bit of bass buzz in the original.

Simple Man Music Video

This is my “Family Version” of the bass cover that I put together for “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. In this version, my bass line is a bit more confined and was mixed for the song instead of highlighting the bass line notes.  ENJOY!! SIMPLE MAN If you would like to watch and listen to […]

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